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    The mucci/a automobile has been functioned with hard work and passion in the same time for 50 years. For this reason our company takes care of the sports sector, particularly of Kard “Kartecnica”.
In all these years we did enrich by experience.
One of our strong points is the velocity.
      We are located in an amateur karting due to our pilot school , naturally with our products, that attracts all people fascinated with this kind of sport.    
    The Renalut kart Formula will give birth to a new trophy, that will be champions gathered together thanks to French house.      
      Our team is prepared and enthusiastic in case of willingness of Russian federation in taking part in this kind of sports activity. Being on a tourist excursion, you may put yourself to the test near by our establishment (about 10 km from the centre of Rome: Veneto street/Spanish square, etc.)
If you wish it is possible to organize a school,
a flat and training.

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